lisbon in the morning


This is my last set of pictures from before my departure. I have felt such a strong desire to cling to my analog camera lately that I barely took digital pictures, apart from the ones I take everyday with my phone. I feel that changing slowly but surely, as I once again want to explore the city through yet another set of eyes. And I expect that from now on I'll finally be catching up to more recent events. 

As for these though, they were taken on a unusually cold morning. 3ºC by the Tagus river, in Lisbon. The streets were almost completely empty. But right where downtown Lisbon meets the river, I saw a moment I had to steal. A man on his own, feeding the seagulls at the pier. The juxtaposition of Man and Nature - a sight that never tires my eyes.

I hope you had a nice weekend.


à paris


from November 2014.

Being in Brussels now, these photos from Paris seem like they were taken forever ago. I was visiting a friend who was spending a semester abroad. I remember feeling like it was a taste of what was to come. 
And now I'm here, and it's been a month and a half. 
Despite feeling that I'm slowly settling into a routine here, it still dawns on me every now and then that I'm stepping on the streets of Brussels everyday. In those moments, I am completely overcome with happiness, a tingling childlike exciment.

I can't wait to develop the rolls I have finished already and show you some pictures. 
(In the meantime, this is where you should go for some timely updates.)

But to get back to the topic: Paris. Pictures from Paris. Well, everyone knows that a weekend in Paris is a weekend well-spent, and it's always nice to remember.

diaries // 02 2015


This month I've been carrying around bucketloads of happiness even when I get 24h of rain in a row.
(And I promise it's only partly due to the chocolate here.)
I hope you had a month as good as mine.

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