diaries // november '14


This month I spent most of my time preparing for busier weeks ahead. I did, however, spend a weekend away in Paris, visiting a friend. Besides wanting to see her, the timing was perfect for a break. We visited beautiful places with pretty sights, cool museums, took full advantage of the French street cuisine and I even got the see the Christmas market. I took my new Praktica with me to bring the memories home. Can't wait to see what's on that film.

(And sure, I probably should have saved some space for the rest of the month, but let's be honest - can you really get enough of Paris? )

1. macarons i // 2. view from the arc du triomphe // 3. autumn in paris
4. le marais // 5. louvre // 6. the seine by night
7. rita & i resting // 8. saint michel // 9. you'll never b forgotten
10. my new partner in crime // 11. macarons ii // 12. at dusk
13. a hidden gem // 14. eiffel tower // 15. jardin du luxembourg
16. l'automne // 17. used film // 18. postcards from paris

los angeles, ca


Los Angeles was our last stop in California. And it was most different from my expectations. 
To be honest I didn't anticipate the size of this city and just how empty most of the streets would be. And I expected a slightly different vibe, too. You know, with the movie industry and all. It is all rather apparent in the very touristy, yet interesting Hollywood. But other than that, I'd never say LA is one of the places that brings entertainment to the world.
Still, it is not without a few spots worth knowing. I really enjoyed the museums there. Namely, the LACMA (art from all around the world and from different points in time) and the Peterson Automotive Museum (all those gorgeous vintage cars!) were my favourites. 
Santa Monica, a little further from the center, was probably my favourite area in LA, as it was absolutely full of life.
We also spent a day at a Six Flags theme park, which are notorious for being record-breaking, all rollercoaster parks. They are said to have some of the best in the wolrd. And I can assure their reputation is well-earned.

sequoia national park, ca


The Sequoia National Park is yet another amazing place in America where Nature thrives. The sequoias themselves are astonishing. Their bark is an unusual reddish brown colour and they're so tall you can barely see where they end. Some of the largest trees' branches alone would have made fairly large trees. Photos don't do them justice. I borrowed a panorama photograph but even so, it's a lot more impressive to see all of this live. For a sense of scale, the fifth picture was taken inside a dead sequoia.

By the end of the day we were all exhausted, but my father and I had one last challenge to take on: the Moro Rock trail. We climbed the last 100m to the top of the dome to see the most beautiful sights of the day.

diaries // october '14


October was actually pretty good. 
(I may be biased, but oh well.) 

1. lunch // 2. brigadeiro i // 3.amsterdam, prague and bratislava
4. a favourite print // 5. m // 6. flower
7. birthday pictures i // 8. rooftop // 9. popcorn
10. snail mail from paris // 11. brigadeiro ii // 12. coincidentally halloween-y
13. tungsten film // 14.birthday pictures ii  // 15. boo!