diaries // november '14


This month I spent most of my time preparing for busier weeks ahead. I did, however, spend a weekend away in Paris, visiting a friend. Besides wanting to see her, the timing was perfect for a break. We visited beautiful places with pretty sights, cool museums, took full advantage of the French street cuisine and I even got the see the Christmas market. I took my new Praktica with me to bring the memories home. Can't wait to see what's on that film.

(And sure, I probably should have saved some space for the rest of the month, but let's be honest - can you really get enough of Paris? )

1. macarons i // 2. view from the arc du triomphe // 3. autumn in paris
4. le marais // 5. louvre // 6. the seine by night
7. rita & i resting // 8. saint michel // 9. you'll never b forgotten
10. my new partner in crime // 11. macarons ii // 12. at dusk
13. a hidden gem // 14. eiffel tower // 15. jardin du luxembourg
16. l'automne // 17. used film // 18. postcards from paris


  1. a gente tira mais fotos em viagens às vezes mais por causa do estado do espírito do que pelas coisas não achas? Também estou curiosa para ver as tuas analógicas :D

    1. foi o ponto alto do meu mês, por isso suponho que sim :)

  2. Post perfeito! Obrigada pelo comentário tão simpático :)

    xoxo, S