diaries // august '14


When August started I was miles away from where I am now.
I spent a few weeks travelling across some of the westernmost states in North America. We started with Vancouver, then worked our way down to Seattle. We took a flight to San Francisco, saw Yosemite and the Sequoias, and finished our California tour in LA. We rode all the way through route 66 to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and travelled back a few miles to end it beautifully in fabulous Las Vegas.
I can honestly say it was the trip of a lifetime. I think I was most marveled at the differences between America and Europe in places of Nature. I am planning a series of posts to share on here later. In the meantime, here's a preview of what's to come.
All in all, Summer has struck a perfect balance between a frantic pace and relaxing completely.
How has yours been?

1. grand canyon // 2. pavement in vancouver // 3. diagonal
4. conservatory of flowers // 5. seattle // 6. pink leaves
7. hollywood // 8. walk of fame // 9. half dome
10. grand canyon ii // 11. flowery scents // 12. seligman
13. route 66 // 14. cof lobby // 15. photography studio
16. fruit flavours // 17. by the tagus river // 18. cornfield
19. playing with fallen petals // 20. sintra // 21. zenit