seattle, wa


After Vancouver, we headed to Seattle. Our stay there was short but sweet. The weather pretty much varied between a slight drizzle to a downright downpour though - no wonder they call Washington the evergreen state. But while the rain did cause a few setbacks, we still had a wonderful time. We visited the Museum of Flight, the Space Needle, the Public Market, the EMP Museum... The museums were particularly interesting. The EMP Museum was, in my humble opinion, one of the coolest museums I have ever visited. A truly modern space dedicated to music, pop-culture and sci-fi. It's full of memorabilia, some pieces of art, some great hands-on exhibits... And everything was presented in a creative, engrossing manner. The Museum of Flight is basically an old Boeing factory full of airplanes from all countries and all times. They even had the Concorde and the NASA FTT. Still, it was most impressive to see the impact that the Wars had on aviation. A few years really did push technology forward. Sad motivation, but remarkable in its way.


  1. estou a adorar esta série <3 esse museu tem ar daqueles em que uma pessoa entra e não sabe para onde olhar xD

  2. Gosto muito das tuas fotografias. Visitar os estados unidos assim é algo que planeio fazer no futuro e ao ver estes dois ultimos posts estou a ficar com mais vontade ainda! Fico à espera de mais. :)

    1. obrigada, ainda vêm uns quantos no caminho :)