11 facts + 11 questions


I was tagged by Sara from Eternally Wonderlust for the Liebster Award, a tag where you're supposed to write 11 facts about yourself and answer 11 questions. A bit lengthier than usual, but here's a different kind of post, for a change.


1. My favourite cameras are my SX-70 and my Zenit E (which sadly needs replacement!)
2. I'm currently learning French.
3. I have a Project Life album I try to update weekly.
4. I collect postcards from around the world. Most of them were either bought in my own travels or brought by loved ones from theirs. So far, I've collected postcards from 35 countries and many more cities.
5. I love travelling.
6. Studio Ghibli has made some of my favourite films.
7. Favourite shows atm: The Big Bang Theory and Legend of Korra
8. I'm looking into developing my own film because the cost per roll would decrease by more than 50%.
9. I want to try peel-apart photography.
10. One time I found a really cool-looking tin box with a vintage ad by Coca Cola in it and ever since, every now and then, my mother spots a retro themed tin box and brings it home for me.
11. I have a sweet tooth.


1. Who's behind the blog?
My name is Carolina and I am from Portugal.

2. Studies?
My academic background is scientific.

3. Why did you create your blog?
The main focus here is photography, and whilst I had a Flickr account already, I wanted a place to share other kinds of content. Bits & pieces, artists that I keep finding... I wanted a place for photography that felt a little bit more personal and where I'd have complete freedom.

4. How long have you had your blog for?
I created my blog in July 2013.

5. Which blogger would you like to meet in real life?
Probably Nirrimi Hakanson, from The Road is Home. I've been following her work for 6 years already. We're close in age but we're from very different walks of life. I'd be curious to have a chat with her.

6. What is a quote that speaks to you?
"To practise any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." - Kurt Vonnegut

7. What are your favourite clothes stores?
Zara and Mango.

8. Style-wise, do you have an inspiration?
Here's my two cents: If it fits their personality and if they look good in it, that's cool. So most of the times, I'm not on the lookout for fashion I can see myself in, but imagery that makes sense. I guess I may nonetheless tend towards a certain style, but it's pretty casual and mostly simple, actually.

9. Are you addicted to social media?
I like to keep it organized and mainly keep accounts that I do use. I also prefer social media that doesn't require constant attention. So I just choose the ones that work for me and stick with them.

10. Which countries would you like to visit?
In my wildest dreams I'd go everywhere, but to name a few specific places... Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Iceland.

11. What do you think of the blog that tagged you?
I love the clean aesthetics and the travel photos of Sara's blog. I've been following it for a while.


  1. Adorei! Thanks for doing it :)

  2. temos muitas coisas em comum, não fosse a paixão pela fotografia (analógica) uma delas ^^ também tenho um canto enorme no meu coração para os filmes do estúdio Ghibli e adorava adoraaava visitar os países que falas, especialmente Japão :)