grand canyon, az


The Grand Canyon. 
These places filled with gorgeous one-of-a-kind landscapes were the ones I was always most eager to visit. This is a kind of untouched sight most of us Europeans don't get to see very often. Of course, I can't claim to know every bit of my own country, but it seems that no piece of land as vast remains unpopulated unless you're looking at the sea. I think we simply do not have the space for it. But it's these things I could never get at home that I'm always happiest to experience.

(In other news, I have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. If you'd like, the link is up on the right now. There is still little to be seen there, but this is probably the kind of things I'll be posting.)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. this is one of the most beautiful places in the world :)

  2. Your photographs are amazing,I love the colours !

  3. wow isto é mesmo incrível, deve ser uma sensação de grandeza estar lá :)

    1. é lindo, uma pessoa nem tem bem a noção.. ao que parece dá para descer, e o conselho até para hikers experientes é que não se faça a descida e a subida no mesmo dia!

  4. UAU! Que sítio espetacular!