diaries // 01 2015



During this past month I used my scarce hours away from the books to work on a new layout for the blog. It just hit me that I wanted to change this space completely. On a whim I started working on this and after a month or so - voilà! - this is the result. I have to admit it's my favourite one so far. 
I'd be happy to hear your opinions though! 

In other news, January is over and I'm feeling happy these days. Hope you're all doing well too.

1. morning boost // 2. running out of time // 3. the light of day
4. my favourite case ever // 5. before // 6. reminiscing
7. finals // 8. c/o mom // 9. after
10. scratch map // 11. downtown // 12. for good memories


  1. Great minds think alike! Tambem mudei o meu layout :) Adoro o teu e as tuas fotografias no instagram são sempre perfeitas :)
    xo, S
    check out my personal and travel blog ♥

  2. gosto sempre de ver as tuas fotos sobre máquinas e rolos e assim x) gosto do layout do blog, acho que combina com o que postas :)

    1. coisas de máquinas é das minhas coisas favoritas de partilhar, por isso ainda bem eheh :) obrigada!

  3. Adorei Carolina, era isso mesmo que ia dizer, que o design do blog está fantástico! :)