to belgium, with love


Almost two weeks ago I was anxiously waiting at the airport to embark on a twice-delayed flight to the one adventure I've been looking forward to for an entire year (maybe more): my Erasmus.
This semester I'll be living in and updating from Brussels, Belgium.

A lot of you already knew, I'm sure, because I first annouced it on my Instagram, just as it all started. In the meantime, a few updates have already appeared, and I think that for now this should be the easiest way to share content.

This doesn't mean I'll stop posting for the next half a year. It just means that, for the moment, I'm still settling in. Most importantly, I'm still looking for an affordable way to develop all my rolls as I go. I am completely convinced it's manageable, but we'll see.

All in all, I just didn't want to let the occasion slip by without so much as a mention. And, you know, I wanted to let you know that exciting things are happening but new pictures may take their time. Up until then I still have a few photos to share, including the ones I took in Paris a while ago. So stay tuned! (And wish me luck!)



  1. Parece-me um sítio fantástico pra estudar e espero sinceramente que te corra tudo bem e que desfrutes de tudo ao máximo ^^ os posts podem ser escassos mas a qualidade é sempre boa :D