diaries // 03 2015


Seeing these bits & pieces together makes me realize that March was a good month for travel. I got to know 3 new places:
Arlon, a little city in Wallonia right next to the borders. Not a very touristic place, but quite charming for its size.
Luxembourg, a country that surprised me for the beauty of their old quarters and fortifications.
Bruges, my first stop in Flanders. Everyone says you see Bruges in a day. And it's true. But contrary to what's usual, we stayed for one night and experienced Bruges by night as well. It was so absolutely wonderful I've been thinking about it all week.
How was last month for you?

1. 18:30 // 2. luxembourg i // 3. rue montagne de la cour
4. bruges i // 5. begijnhof // 6. spring shoes
7. giboulée // 8. postcards from brussels // 9. bruges ii
10. MiM // 11. bruges iii // 12. lonely walk
13. memory-keeping // 14. little church in arlon // 15. luxembourg ii


  1. As tuas fotos inspiram-me tanto.
    Eu adoro viajar, e ver estas fotos ainda me faz querer mais pegar na mala e ir numa aventura ^^


  2. é tão bom viajar com as tuas fotos! (saiu lamechas? hope not) quando leio os teus posts fico com aquela inveja saudável, do tipo adorava estar lá mas ao menos quem está aproveita x) (aquela casinha linda <3)

    1. não! foi dos comentários mais fofinhos que já recebi, na verdade :) obrigada inês!!

  3. Fabulosas as fotos! Muitos parabéns!