arlon & luxembourg


These are the pictures from Arlon and Luxembourg, my second trip since I've arrived in Belgium. (The first was a quick visit to Binche, to celebrate Carnival. But since their tradition involves throwing oranges at people I thought I might want to skip on photographing that one!)

We hopped on a train to Luxembourg a couple of hours after seeing a bit of Arlon. Luxembourg is small but it does hold quite some beauty. I was particularly enamored with the Old Quarters and Fortifications. The place got me curious mainly because it's a country I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to visit. And after that, since so many of the Luxembourgish community has Portuguese roots, I was curious to see to how our cultural footprint influenced the daily life there. Luxembourg is very international - I'm thinking the average Luxembourgish speaks about 3 to 4 languages. And while I didn't get to speak Portuguese with anyone, I was able to find products from Portuguese brands, Portuguese establishments and someone who thought they ought to learn Portuguese already. It's a weird way to put it and not entirely accurate, but it was probably my most Portuguese day since I've arrived.


  1. Que fotografias lindas! Espero que estejas a adorar estar por ai :)


  2. Amei as fotos, fantásticas!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  3. Tenho adorado seguir as tuas aventuras de aspecto meio surreal. As cores das tuas fotos são deslumbrantes, quem me dera conseguir fazer isso! Adoro, adooooro a 7ª foto, a sua composição, cada elemento tão bem colocado e distribuído, até a grua fica bem. Admiro imenso o teu talento neste tipo de foto :)

  4. Vi o blog do início ao fim e estou rendida... ♡ Que fotografias tão bonitas e quanta inspiração!